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Benoit's Martial Arts & Fitness, 1543 Paris St, Unit 4, Sudbury, ON

   Benoit's is a positive environment where people feel good about themselves. Karate training encourages students to be their personal best through constant education and support.

   Student's become more fit and healthy, and feel more confident and safe with Benoit's programs. Our children's programs, develop respect, discipline and courtesy. All students show respect by bowing to higher ranks and respecting the teacher's instructions. The programs will build confidence, character, control over their body and the ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations. As the child progresses, they will improve their coordination, strength and flexibility. Progress is rewarded by the awarding of higher level belts providing a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

    Benoit's provides realistically paced and individualized step-by-step formulas, for obtaining a Black Belt in the Benoit's Goju-Ryu style of karate. 

    All Karate instructors teach under the direction and guidance of Master Instructor, Don Benoit, Karate Canada Association ranked 7th degree black belt and founder of Benoit's Goju-Ryu Karate style.

Benoit's Facility

   Benoit's sports a 2,000 square foot training area covered with cushioned mat flooring for your safety and comfort. We have numerous kick bags, punching bags, speed bags, medicine balls, and training weapons to broaden your training abilities. There is a client viewing area,  studio room, change booths,  washroom,  and air conditioning. We are located at 4-1543 Paris St. Sudbury, ON P3E3B7 in Sudbury's South End.

   Training Area



    Viewing Area

   Reception, Uniforms & Equipment Purchases Available 




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