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Anti-Bully Sites

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Link to www.kidscape.org.uk/, Kidscape - Helping to Prevent Bullying & Child AbuseLink to www.gold.ac.uk/euconf/, European Conference on Initiatives to Combat School Bullying
Link to www.nobully.org.nz/advicek.htm New Zealand's No Bully ProgramLink to www.no-bully.com/  Colorado's No-Bully.com
Link to www.bullyingnoway.com.au/ Australia's Bullying. No way!Link to www.positiveaction.net/, Violence Prevention Positive Action, a science-based program that you can use to directly teach violence prevention and reduce incidents of bullying.
Link to www.dyslexia-parent.com/bullying.html, Dyslexia-ParentLink to www.bullybeware.com/, Bully B'ware Productions
Link to www.bullyonline.org/, UK's Bully OnlineLink to www.bullying.org, Bullying.org