Benoit's Martial Arts

Fall, Winter, Spring Schedule

Ichi Bon (Dragons Only)

Kata Opening with double block
From Heiko Dachi step right with right leg in Shiko Dachi & perform double Harai Otoshi Uke
Left upper block & right middle punch
From the double Harai Otishi Uke, step slightly to left with left leg into Zenkutsu Dachi & perform a left handed Jodan Uke and follow up with right handed Chudan Tsuki
Middle block & right face punch
Following the Chudan Tsuki, step forward with right leg into Zenkutsu Dachi stance & perform right handed Chudan Uke & follow up with left handed Jordan Tsuki
From right punch step up & left lower block From the Jordan Tsuki, step with left leg into Shiko Dachi & perform left handed Harai Otoshi Uke
From left block, right upper punch followed by right front kick From the Harai Otoshi Uke, follow up with right handed Chudan Tsuki then perform a right leg Mae Geri toward the front
After right kick step to side with right leg & double low block
After the Mae Geri land the right leg out at 180 degrees and perform double Harai Otishi Uke with a Kiah
Bring right leg in, heels touching, close kata & stand in Heiko Dachi
From double Hari Otishi Uke, bring right leg in (heels touching), close up the kata and then stand in Heiko Dachi

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