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Benoit's Personal Training Karate Classes


Custom Designed to Meet Individual Needs

Benoit's Private Classes are offered by Appointment Only for all levels of karate. Individualized sessions are catered to specifically meet the needs of the student. Who would want private classes? The following are just some of the reasons for enrolling in one or more private sessions:

  • Polishing your techniques for promotional testing
  • Having trouble learning a form or technique
  • Just coming back after time away from training
  • Getting ready for a tournament
  • Need more one-on-one time.

Private Self-Defence Group Sessions Available

Assemble a group of 10 or more for a customized Self-Defence Training Session

Ladies Groups, Organizations etc. (13 years & Over)

Talk to us and we'll see what we can do to make your group street smart.


What ever your reason, Benoit's will do their best to assist you with your karate.

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 If you are interested, please fill out the Application & Release Form and drop by to hand them in.



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