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Benoit's Teen & Adult Program

Designed to Meet Specific Needs

    Benoit's Adult Karate Program is designed to meet the specific needs of teens & adults. Everyone starts with the basics and progresses at their own rate and ability. Expect to be challenged to maximize your potential as a martial artist and person. Through positive encouragement and a regiment of quality drills, conditioning and guidance, your karate abilities will mature and redefine what you are capable of accomplishing. Improved gross and fine motor skills, increased balance, coordination, concentration, and self-confidence are all products of Benoit's karate program.

    The Adult Program is a great way to get in shape and burn off the stress of every day life in a positive way. During your workout you'll get to learn a little Japanese, make some friends and relieve the tension of stress and all while learning Benoit's Goju-Ryu Karate.

Class Requirements

  • 13 years old minimum
  • Karate Uniform 
  • Class Expectations
  • Warm-ups & stretching
  • Level Appropriate Karate Drills
  • Level Appropriate Katas (forms)
  • Level Appropriate Weapons
  • Level Appropriate Self-Defence
  • Level Appropriate Sparring (Tournament Style Combat)

Training Schedule

   Please refer to the Current Training Schedule for training times.




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